Why a Loaner

Loaner Cars for Sale – You Should Buy One

Dealerships all over the nation have a problem, they have too many loaner cars in inventory. As one NY car dealer said to me, “It’s a huge and universal problem.”

These loaner cars are not brand new, they are not used and they are surely not rental cars, so what are they? These huge loaner car inventories, are opportunities for you to save thousands!

Impeccably Maintained

New car dealers must maintain their loaner fleet. All scheduled maintenance, is mandated by the factory, and must be performed on time, without fail.

Unlike a rental car, loaner cars are given to service customers who are typically familiar with the vehicle. They know the features, size, drive etc. so vehicles are subject to less wear than say a generic rental car, which as we’ve all heard, typically take a beating.

Drivers given loaner cars care for them, they are treated with respect as they are returning them into a new car dealership they will visit again and again, unlike a rental car which is usually not treated kindly.

Backed and Protected

All Loaner-To-Owner loaner cars for sale are from certified to be from new car dealerships only, which means, you get programs, warranties and benefits that cannot be offered by a used car dealer, pre-owned super-center or rental car facility,

Loaner cars come with the balance of full factory warranties and any service programs that would typically come with new cars (based on brand).  If a new car of that brand comes with included maintenance, so does your loaner car. If a new car of that brand comes with roadside assistance, Satellite radio trials, bumper-to-bumper warranted, so does the loaner car.

How to Buy a Loaner Car

Loaner cars are not new and they are not used, which means they qualify for both, new car and used car incentives / programs. You can lease a loaner car as if it was brand new! The mileage on the car does not count toward your lease mileage. You can buy a loaner car at deep discounts. Loaner cars even qualify for special low interest rates like 0% financing (when offered) as they can be sold as new.  Loaner cars give you the most buying flexibility and cost savings available.

Loaner Cars are Just Better!

By now you can see that it may not pay to buy a hard-driven rental car, an out of warranty used car or a new car that costs thousands more. Loaner cars have all the benefits and none of the downsides.


Check out our huge inventory of certified loaner cars for sale.

REMEMBER– The only thing closer to a new car… is a new car. ™