Loaner to Owner – Certified Loaner Cars for Sale

Loaner-To-Owner allows the average car buyer to get in on a little-known car dealership secret.

New car dealers need to allocate a certain percentage of their new car inventory to use as service loaners. Loaner fleets can quickly get out of hand, some dealers stocking 200+ loaner vehicles, and that becomes a problem for them, an opportunity for you.

Whether you are looking to buy a rental car, new car, buy a used car or even a certified pre-owned car, you have to check out Loaner-To-owner first to see the growing inventory of certified loaner cars for sale from area new car dealerships.

Loaner-To-Owner helps new and used car buyers purchase loaner cars from new car dealers and nothing but loaner cars. We tie directly into a dealer’s loaner car inventory, displaying real-time inventory levels at deep discounts.

Learn more about why a loaner car is a better choice than the purchase of a rental car, used car or even in most cases, a brand-new vehicle.


Browse our huge inventory of area loaner cars for sale from local new car dealerships.

Are loaner cars discounted

Yes, typically by thousands. Large loaner car fleets cost new car dealerships money and they need to thin the heard (so to speak), so they typically offer very deep discounts on these cars. View inventory of loaner cars.

Can I lease a loaner car?

Loaner cars are not exactly used, not exactly used, which means they qualify for new and used financing options such as leasing and special financing. Learn more.

Are loaner cars warranteed?

Yes. Loaner cars typically come with the balance of the full manufacturer new car warrantees as well as other benefits. Read more.

Are loaner cars maintained?

Impeccably! Loaner cars are mandated to be maintained by the factory, just as a new car would be. Lean more